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How to Get to Antalya

We aim to make this page a comprehensive resource with information on how to get to Antalya. Your help in this is appreciated: if you find information that may be useful to other participants, please e-mail us, and we will include the information on this site. We will try to make this page as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, TERENA accept no liability for any errors or out-of-date information published here.

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Antalya has a spacious modern airport served by regular scheduled flights from Istanbul (at least four per day) and Ankara (at least 3 per day) as well as by direct international flights from some Western European cities. It may be possible for you to find charter flights to Antalya, either on a seat-only basis or with hotel accommodation included. Note that the precise scheduling of these charter flights is often quite unreliable, so you should try this option only if that is no problem for you. Early booking may be essential. On the other hand, many travel agencies may have made block bookings which could be released again closer to the date of departure.

It may also be an idea in some cases to get two tickets, for example one cheap ticket from Warsaw to Frankfurt and another cheap ticket from Frankfurt to Antalya. In that case, check beforehand whether it will be possible to get your luggage checked through directly to Antalya, or allow enough transfer time to collect your luggage at the intermediate stop and to check it in again.

A good choice for your travel may be Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines (TK) offer connecting flights via Istanbul from Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Chicago, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Hanover, Karachi, Kiev, London, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, New York, Nice, Odessa, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Tehran, Tokyo, Tunis, Vienna and Zurich. Note, though, that not all these connections are daily.

In general, flights are cheaper if you fly all parts of the trip with the same airline.

Three German companies offer scheduled flights directly to Antalya, from a number of German cities (note that these flights are likely to fill up quickly):

As an example, some potentially interesting flights from Frankfurt include:

Sat 12 May DE6736 FRA 05:20 AYT 09:35
Sun 13 May LT1296 FRA 06:20 AYT 10:40
Sun 13 May XQ751 FRA 09.55 AYT 14.10
Sun 13 May HF7623 FRA 15:35 AYT 19:50

and return:

Thu 17 May XQ140 AYT 15:25 FRA 18:05
Fri 18 May HF5624 AYT 10:10 FRA 12:40
Fri 18 May XQ140 AYT 15:25 FRA 18:05
Fri 18 May HF5608 AYT 20:10 FRA 22:55
Fri 18 May LT1299 AYT 20:20 FRA 23:00
Sun 20 May LT1297 AYT 21:05 FRA 23:45

Typical schedule from Hamburg (valid until 24 March) is:

Tuesdays, two flights: HF2213 dep. 06:00 and XQ231, dep. 10:00;
Fridays, OHY7164, dep. 10:15;
Saturdays, two flights: NTL672, dep. 18:10 and PGT672, dep. 20:00;
Sundays, three flights: OHY 164, dep. 09:45; XQ731, dep. 10:05 and XQ751, dep. 21:00;

Code XQ is the Turkish airline Sun Express (web site currently under construction). This is a daughter company of Turkish Airlines with a fleet of brand-new Boeing 737s.
Code 8Q / OHY is the Turkish airline Onur Air (web site in Turkish only).
Code NTL is the Turkish airline Air Anatolia. Air Anatolia also flies from Brussels and Dublin.
Code PGT is Pegasus Air, an Austrian airline.

In addition, direct scheduled flights are available from Moscow with Aeroflot (SU)(weekly) (Russian site only).

A good site with information about travel to and inside Turkey (including addresses and websites of travel agencies) is http://www.travelturkey.com/. You could also check out the SETUR website (but to be honest, it is not as informative as the other one). A few good airline travel information sites include: