TERENA Networking Conference 2001    

Opening Plenary Session

Opening Plenary Session
Chair: Namik Kemal Pak, TÜBITAK, Turkey

     Conference Introduction
     Stefano Trumpy, TNC-2001 Programme Committee Chairman,
     CNR, Italy
      Slides(PowerPoint - 40kb)

     Welcome Address
     Namik Kemal Pak, Executive Director of TÜBITAK,
     the Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Foundation, Turkey

     Development of the Internet in Turkey
     Attila Özgit, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
      Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint - 252kb)

     Watching the Waist of the Protocol Hourglass:
     The Evolution of the Internet Layer

     Steve Deering, Cisco Systems Inc., USA
      Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint 110kb)



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