TERENA Networking Conference 2001    

Session 1A

Networking Technology
Chair: Christoph Graf, SWITCH, Switzerland

The fast track towards higher network speeds permits applications that were only dreamed of a few years ago. However, high speed places new demands on the classical applications and their protocol implementation, as well as their usage. This session will discuss how to get high-speed services all the way to the end-user, and how the end-user may control the services.

1A1   An Architecture and Prototype Implementation
         for TCP/IP Hardware Support

         Mirko Benz, Dresden University of Technology, Germany
         Abstract and Profile - Paper (PDF - 170kb)
         Slides (PowerPoint 479kb)

1A2   How To Do High Speed Multicast Right!
         Lothar Zier and Gundula Dörries,
         German National Research Centre for Information Technology
         (GMD,)Sankt Augustin, Germany
          Abstract and Profile - Paper (PDF 105kb) - Slides
         (PowerPoint - 200kb)

1A3   Routing Advance Reservations
         Sabine Kühn and Frank Breiter,
         Dresden University of Technology, Germany
         Abstract and Profile



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