TERENA Networking Conference 2001    

Session 2A

Quality of Service in the Internet World
Chair: Peter Kaufmann, DFN-Verein, Germany

Improving Quality of Service (QoS) in the Internet is a major challenge. There are several approaches, but an end-to-end QoS-solution does not yet exist. Apart from technical problems, the cooperation of different organisational domains has to be solved. QoS may be handled bottom-up from the network layer, top-down from the application or even "solved" with bandwidth overprovision. This session provides some status information on the implementation of QoS and further examples to deal with QoS needs.

2A1   The Internet2 QoS Deployment Experience:
         Baby Steps and Big Lessons

         Ben Teitelbaum, Internet2 and Advanced Network & Services,
         United States of America
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PDF - 873kb)

2A2   Mechanisms for Quality of Service in Web Clusters
         Michele Colajanni, University of Modena
         Valeria Cardellini, Emiliano Casalicchio and
         Salvatore Tucci, University of Rome, Italy
         - Abstract and Profile - Paper(188 kb) - Slides
         (PowerPoint - 108kb)

2A3   QoS Evaluation Model for A Campus-Wide Network:
         An Alternative Approach

         Juan Antonio Martínez, Martí Griera and Maribel Jiménez,
         Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
         Abstract and Profile - Paper (56 kb) - Slides (PowerPoint - 71kb)



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