TERENA Networking Conference 2001    

Session 3A

TERENA Technical Programme
Chair: John Dyer, TERENA

The TERENA Technical Programme is designed to assist TERENA member organisations to explore new technology and techniques in a collaborative and co-ordinated way through a series of investigative and experimental activities. In this session, members of the community will present up-to-date work and results from the programme.

3A1   Trusted Introducer Programme
         Brian Gilmore, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint - 632 kb)

3A2   The TERENA Compendium
         Bert van Pinxteren, TERENA
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint - 499kb)

3A3   QoS and IP Premium Service Specification Implementation
         Mauro Campanella, INFN-GARR, Italy
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint - 1332kb)

3A4   Development of a European Videoconferencing Service
         Egon Verharen, SURFnet bv, The Netherlands
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint 68kb)



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