TERENA Networking Conference 2001    

Session 4A

Virtual and Persistent Presence
Chair: Mariska Herweijer, SURFnet bv, The Netherlands

The Internet as we know it is rapidly changing. A myriad of Internet capable devices, both wired and wireless, are entering the Internet. This allows individuals to be continuously connected, whatever their geographical location. Enabling technologies for seamless and ubiquitous presence on the Internet include Mobile-IP and IPv6. Virtual and persistent presence provides the services needed to manage 'always being online'; it is about availability and capacities of both humans and resources. Typical information that should be available is 'Who else is looking at this page?', 'Can this device receive voice or video?' and 'May I disturb Jane at the moment?'.

4A1   Virtual and Persistent Presence
          from a Mobility Perspective

         Klaas Wierenga, SURFnet bv,The Netherlands
         Henk Eertink, Telematica Instituut, The Netherlands
         Abstract and Profile - Slides Part 1 (PowerPoint - 1245kb)
         Slides Part 2 (PowerPoint - 188kb)



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