TERENA Networking Conference 2001    

Session 5A

Advanced Services and Applications
Chair: Wojtek Sylwestrzak, ICM, University of Warsaw, Poland

Usage patterns of the Internet are changing and evolving continuously. Adequate bandwidth and QoS are the obvious prerequisites for new developments, but it is the network services that pave the way for specific applications. This session concentrates on an issue that has grown in importance in recent years - dealing with the delivery of content. It also shows how future applications might be able to make use of these new services.

5A1   Technologies for Building Content Delivery Networks
         Pei Cao, Cisco Systems Inc., USA
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint - 67kb)

5A2   Telemedicine in the New Millennium -
         Just Participating or Faster, Higher and Stronger?

         Heinz Weber, Werner Hohenberger, Peter Holleczek,
         Thomas Rabenstein and Christof Seggewies,
         University Erlangen-Nuremberg,
         Sven Schoolmann, Bethesda-Hospital Essen,
         Stephan Delker-Wegener, Hannover Hospital
         Hubertus Feussner, Technical University of Munich, Germany
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint - 29864kb)

5A3   Media Objects in Time - A Multimedia Streaming System
         Thomas Schmidt and Björn Feustel, FHTW Berlin, Germany
         Abstract and Profile - Paper (PDF - 2376 kb) - Slides
         (PowerPoint - 1930kb)



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