TERENA Networking Conference 2001    

Session 5B

Research Networks: Towards a New Generation
Chair: Sabine Jaume, RENATER, France

Today's research networks use new technologies and develop advanced services. In addition, the European research networks work together to build a shared pan-European multi-Gigabit core network to interconnect their national networks. In this session, Poland, Greece and Italy will share their experience of developing advanced national infrastructures. These case studies will be followed by a discussion session in which panellists will discuss technology choices, services provided to users and funding of new generation research networks. In the closing presentation, DANTE will introduce GÉANT, the new pan-European network, and its latest developments.

5B1   First Experiences with the Polish Optical Internet
         Stanislaw Starzak, Technical University of Lodz Computer Centre,
         Artur Binczewski, Norbert Meyer, Jaroslaw Nabrzyski,
         Maciej Stroinski and Jan Weglarz,
         Poznan Supercomputing Center, Poland
         Abstract and Profile - Paper (PDF 3255 kb)

5B2   Designing The Optical Internet of Greece: A Case Study
         Dimitrios Kalogeras and Nasos Papakostas GRNET,
         Magda Chatzaki and Stelios Sartzetakis, ICS-FORTH, Greece
         Abstract and Profile - Paper(PDF 348 kb)
         Slides (PowerPoint - 482kb)

5B3   GARR-G - The Italian University and Research Giganet
         Enzo Valente, INFN-GARR, Italy
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint - 156kb)

5B5   GÉANT - A Giant Step Forward
          Vincent Berkhout, DANTE, UK
         Profile - Slides (PowerPoint - 595kb)



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