TERENA Networking Conference 2001    

Session 7A

Recent Results - Part II
Chair: Lajos Bálint, HUNGARNET/NIIFI, Hungary

This session will follow on from session 3B with the presentation and discussion of a further selection of short papers on recent research results.

7A1   Measuring the Evolution of the World Wide Web
         Christian Grimm and Helmut Pralle, University of Hannover, Germany
         Mr. Grimm did not attend.

7A2   Parameters of Cache Systems based on
         Zipf-like Distribution

         Dmitriy Dolgikh and Andrei Sukhov,
         Samara State Aerospace University, Russia
         Abstract and Profile - Paper (HTML) - Slides (PowerPoint 77kb)

7A3   Click and Go Video
         Jim Strom, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint - 1944kb)
         Paper PDF (13 kb)

7A4   Video Conferences in the German Research Network
         Wolfgang WŁnsch, Detlef Makowitz and Christoph Fleck,
         Technical University Dresden, Germany
         Abstract and Profile - Slides (PowerPoint (3632kb)



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