TERENA Networking Conference 2001    


    This page contains links to the streaming archive of the presentations at the TERENA Networking Conference 2001. They are also available from ULAKBIM.

Slides for the archived presentations can be found at Proceedings

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    Opening Plenary Session    
    Session 1A   Session 1B    
    Networking Technology   Update of IETF,IRTF,ISOC and ICANN    
    Plenary 2    
    Middleware: US and European Perspectives    
    Session 2A   Session 2B   Session 2C    
    Quality of Service in the Internet World   European Initiatives   Introduction to Middleware    
    Session 3A   Session 3B   Session 3C    
    TERENA Technical Programme   Recent Results - Part 1   Directories - Part 1    
    Session 4A   Session 4B   Session 4C    
    Virtual and Persistent Presence       Public Key Infrastructure - Part 1    
    Plenary 3    
    Session 5A   Session 5B   Session 5C    
    Advanced Services and Applications   Research Networks: Towards a New Generation   Middleware in Use in the Academic Community    
    Session 6A   Session 6B   Session 6C    
    Advanced Applications   Local Access of Services: Problems and Solutions in the Last Mile   Directories - Part II    
    Session 7A   Session 7B        
    Recent Results - Part II   The Campus Network - Fat Pipe or Obstacle Course        
    Session 8A   Session 8B    
    Grid Computing   Research Networking in the Mediterranean Region    
    Closing Plenary Session